About the Firm

In today’s complex and fast paced environment, clients need a reliable consultant team to integrate complex, often conflicting programming requirements, regulatory requirements, green development standards, and fiscal requirements. We exceed clients’ expectations, using the INFORMED BLUEPRINT process to provide innovative solutions. In the words of one of our long standing clients:

“Brodie & Associates have raised the bar, providing innovative solutions beyond our expectations”
-City of Toronto staff member

Who We Are

A team of Landscape Architects, Arborists & Designers, known for knowledge, integrity, and dependability. As a solution-oriented team, we are committed to the success of our clients in creating unique landscapes that combine human, natural, and built forms.

What We Do

We collaborate with our clients to create highly unique landscapes that bring long term value, are designed to inspire, and integrate human, natural and built environments that heal both people and the environment.

Our Clients

Our clients encompass both the public sector: municipalities, social housing and infrastructure groups; and the private sector: developers, architects, engineers, and contractors. We focus on repeat clients in order to develop a clear understanding of individual needs. We are proud to have provided repeat services to numerous clients for almost 30 years.


More than 30 years of relevant experience allows us to understand project requirements and restrictions quickly and effectively, providing solutions that work.