Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to help developers to succeed.

Helle Brodie <span class="team-member-credentials">BLA, CSLA, OALA, LEED®ap, GRP</span>

Helle Brodie BLA, CSLA, OALA, LEED®ap, GRP

Principal, Senior Landscape Architect

Helle Brodie, is the principal Landscape Architect at Brodie & Associates. With over 30 years of experience, she oversees all aspects of Landscape Architecture in the firm. Helle directs design and keeps the team up to date with emerging trends, regulations & environmental best practices. Her keen interest in sustainability, drives the firm’s mission to incorporate sustainability into all of the firm’s work.

Nate Wilner <span class="team-member-credentials">BA, MA, MLA, <span class="nobr">OALA Associate</span></span>

Nate Wilner BA, MA, MLA, OALA Associate

Junior Project Manager

Nate Wilner is a Landscape Architectural Technician, responsible for detailed design and site services. Nate’s background in masonry affords him an excellent understanding of construction processes. His wealth of practical experience is transferred to the preparation of detailed design drawings, resulting in highly constructible designs. Nate’s passion for sustainability touches everything he does.

Carleigh Pope <span class="team-member-credentials">MLA, BES</span>

Carleigh Pope MLA, BES

Arborist, Landscape Architectural Technician

Carleigh Pope is responsible for the preparation of both technical and presentation drawings.
Her background in restoration ecology and design compliment the firm‘s passion for sustainability and functional design through the addition of a fresh outlook. Carleigh’s focus on team work and customer service contributes to the firm’s standards for a high level of service.

Ryan Mason <span class="team-member-credentials">B.Com.</span>

Ryan Mason B.Com.

Office Manager/ Finance Manager

Ryan Mason is responsible for keeping the business running smoothly and managing the daily operations of the firm. A driven, and hardworking team player, Ryan’s leadership and problem solving capabilities ensure the team’s ability to deliver excellence.

  • Leaf’s Game

    Giant leafs logos shine down on ice surface at Maple Leafs game in Toronto
  • Leaf’s Game

    Staff attending a Leafs hockey game
  • Collaboration

    Hailey and Nate working together on a project at the Brodie office
  • Early Training

    Child working at desk with snacks
  • Taking the helm

    Staff member standing at the helm steering a sailboat at a staff outing
  • Sailing

    Two staff members seated on one side of a sailboat at a staff outing
  • Sailing

    Two staff members seated on one side of a sailboat at a staff outing
  • Sailing

    4 staff members seated around the table above deck of a sailboat
  • At the helm

    Staff member seated at the helm of a sailboat in lake Ontario
  • Sailing

    Toronto City skyline in the backgrond of the water and a passing sail boat
  • OALA Holiday Party

    Nate and Drew enjoying a pint of beer seated at an OALA event
  • In the Studio

    Three staff members reviewing work on the computer screen in the office
  • Baby Shower

    Ilana and Nate sitting around the boardroom table at the office of Brodie and associates
  • Baby Shower

    Nate trying on baby clothes at his son's baby shower in the Brodie office
  • Blue Jays Game

    Brodie and Associates Landscape Architect team- Nate, Carleigh, Helle, and Hailey at a Blue Jays game
  • Annual BBQ

    Nate, Carleigh, Thomas, Helle, Sarah and Ryan gathered around the table in Helle's backyard
  • Annual BBQ

    Nate and Carleigh discussing how to cut a carrot cake at the staff BBQ while Thomas watches
  • Annual BBQ

    Ryan and Sarah staring at a delicious carrot cake at the staff BBQ in Helle's backyard
  • Annual BBQ

    Alana, Nate and baby Mo eating dinner in Helle's backyard at our staff BBQ
  • Celebrating Friday

    Two staff members sharing wine and cheese in the boardroom at a staff function
  • Indoor Bocci

    Staff members enjoying a game of Bocce in Toronto
  • Indoor Bocci

    Staff members pose for a photo at a bocce game in Toronto

Our Team

We are a hard-working team who like to have some fun both in and out of the office. It’s a side of us that our clients don’t often see.