Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to help developers to succeed.

Helle Brodie <span class="team-member-credentials">BLA, CSLA, OALA, LEED®ap, GRP</span>

Helle Brodie BLA, CSLA, OALA, LEED®ap, GRP

Principal, Senior Landscape Architect

Helle Brodie, is the principal Landscape Architect at Brodie & Associates. With almost 30 years of experience, she oversees all aspects of Landscape Architecture in the firm. Helle directs design and keeps the team up to date with emerging trends, regulations & environmental best practices. Her keen interest in sustainability, drives the firm’s mission to incorporate sustainability into all of the firm’s work.

Nate Wilner <span class="team-member-credentials">BA, MA, MLA, <span class="nobr">OALA Associate</span></span>

Nate Wilner BA, MA, MLA, OALA Associate

Junior Project Manager

Nate Wilner is a Landscape Architectural Technician, responsible for detailed design and site services. Nate’s background in masonry affords him an excellent understanding of construction processes. His wealth of practical experience is transferred to the preparation of detailed design drawings, resulting in highly constructible designs. Nate’s passion for sustainability touches everything he does.

Hailey Eldershaw <span class="team-member-credentials">ISA ON-2437A, BLA</span>

Hailey Eldershaw ISA ON-2437A, BLA

Arborist, Landscape Architectural Technician

Hailey Eldershaw is a Landscape Architectural Technician and Certified Arborist. She is responsible for the preparation of arborist reports and providing direction on site for the preservation of existing trees, through visual analysis and root exploration. Hailey’s knowledge, experience with, and passion for plants contributes to excellence in soft landscape design. Hailey’s focus and attention to detail also results in the preparation of high quality working drawings, ensuring that the firm delivers quality to our clients.

Carleigh Pope <span class="team-member-credentials">MLA, BES</span>

Carleigh Pope MLA, BES

Landscape Architectural Technician

Carleigh Pope is responsible for the preparation of both technical and presentation drawings.
Her background in restoration ecology and design compliment the firm‘s passion for sustainability and functional design through the addition of a fresh outlook. Carleigh’s focus on team work and customer service contributes to the firm’s standards for a high level of service.

Our Team

We are a hard-working team who like to have some fun both in and out of the office. It’s a side of us that our clients don’t often see.