Don’t Let This Happen to You

Struggling with meeting all the green standards and storm water solutions?

Incorporating low impact development strategies at the beginning of the project results in faster development approvals and more cost-effective solutions.

We’re pivoting the business to consult with developers, architects and engineers, we help development teams navigate the ever increasing green standard and storm water management solutions.

Why is Biophilic Design Important to Development?

As you look at this picture, your body naturally responds

  • Your heart rate decreases
  • Your blood pressure decreases
  • Your stress hormones settle
  • Your mental outlook improves
  • Your muscle tension eases

Bringing nature back into our developments can have the same benefits.  This means

  • Happier people/ employees
  • More productive people/ employees
  • Increased engagement

We don’t have to plant a forest, but we DO have to add trees, shrubs and perennials to make people feel better.

It also means differentiation for developers because happier, more productive and more engaged people is what business needs.  AND what the world needs.

When developers provide more access to nature in their developments, they naturally differentiate themselves by providing what people want and need.

Doctors Prescribing Nature to Patients

We’ve known for a long time that people need nature for health, well-being and survival. The medical community has confirmed it!

We’ve been bringing nature back into developments for 30 years. Now more than ever, people need to re-connect to nature. Progressive developers understand this need and are responding.

Quoting from the article “By formalizing nature prescriptions.. we can start to create a cultural change that recognizes nature time as essential for health”


Humber college Barrett Centre for Technology

Featured in the Canada Green Building council fall 2020 issue, the LEED Platinum, flagship building for Humber College demonstrates innovation and centers on wellness and durability .  The pedestrian focused site fronts onto a tree lined pedestrian corridor, connecting the front of the building to the main bus station and a major spine through campus. Sustainability features of the landscape include rain gardens, native plantings and green roofs.  Read the full article at the link below:

Nature deprivation and a need for change

As we go through this period of social distancing, those of us who live in cities are becoming increasingly nature deprived.  this results in a lack of concentration and well being.  We can bring nature back into our cities on a site by site basis to restore our health and vitality, while improving the environment.

This article provides great insight into how we are feeling and why some are behaving they way they do.

Why Toronto’s Don Valley Parkway Floods So Often

Scott Sutherland provides great commentary on winter flooding.  Check the video half way through this article.  Warmer temperatures resulting from global warming lead to increased severe precipitation events that result in year round flooding.

Reducing the urban heat island effect through effective landscapes and mitigating storm water impacts through low impact development strategies on a site by site basis is part of the global solution.

Completion vs. Acceptance

Completion Certificates vs Acceptance Certificates

The process of releasing letters of credit is often confused with acceptance of the work.  Brodie & Associates have developed a process that separates the two milestones to provide clarity for our clients.