Why Toronto’s Don Valley Parkway Floods So Often

Scott Sutherland provides great commentary on winter flooding.  Check the video half way through this article.  Warmer temperatures resulting from global warming lead to increased severe precipitation events that result in year round flooding.

Reducing the urban heat island effect through effective landscapes and mitigating storm water impacts through low impact development strategies on a site by site basis is part of the global solution.


Completion vs. Acceptance

Completion Certificates vs Acceptance Certificates

The process of releasing letters of credit is often confused with acceptance of the work.  Brodie & Associates have developed a process that separates the two milestones to provide clarity for our clients.

Healthy green infrastructure starts below the surface, architect explains

Helle Brodie spoke at the 2019 Grey to Green Conference in Toronto about engineered soils as they relate to green infrastructure.  The article outlines some of the major points made in discussing challenges with implementation of engineered soils with green infrastructure.

Space for Making Memories

This article published in DDC Journal provides an overview of the Landmark performing arts venue.  Brodie & Associates is proud to be a part of this development team!