King Street East Redevelopment

333 King Street East is a historical building in the Downtown core of Toronto. Redevelopment encompassed the renovation of the historical building to accommodate multiple tenants and retail along the street frontages. The intensification of 351 King Street East site resulted in the addition of 95,500m2 of commercial space and 9,200 m2 of retail space.

Significant grading challenges with the addition of ground floor retail were accommodated through the re-development and updating the municipal streetscape to current City of Toronto Standards.

The re-development of a downtown block around 333 and 351 King Street East in Toronto provided a unique opportunity to develop new streetscape standards for the City. “Tree Vault” streetscape details were created to provide conditions for tree growth utilizing a minimum of 15 m3 of soil volume, resulting in the potential for the long- term health and survival of urban trees.