Millcreek Drive Bioswale

This new 31,737m2 industrial building on a 25ha site was developed for Wolverine in Millcreek Subdivision in Mississauga. The site is located adjacent to significant conservation lands. As a result, Credit Valley Conservation requirements affected design through the incorporation of native vegetation adjacent to conservation lands.

A 175m long bioswale has been incorporated between the parking areas, providing 170m2 of quantity and quality storm water treatment area. The space between the parking lots is very limited, resulting in a long, linear bioswale. The Millcreek site also features permeable paving, further reducing the volume of runoff from the parking lot and providing additional quality control for the storm water.

Depressed curbs at regular intervals allow the water to pass freely into the bioswale. River rock is then utilized for stability of the grade and to protect from erosion.