Rosehill Reservoir

Rosehill Reservoir, located in an affluent Toronto neighbourhood, is actively utilized by local residents as a park space (David A. Balfour Park). Scheduled replacement of the membrane over the below-grade water basins requires the removal and reinstatement of the overburden on the basins.

The re-design of the park is influenced by a local group of residents, a spectacular perennial garden, heritage features and active park uses. The Centennial Molecule sculpture and water feature will be integrated into the new park design, along with a new washroom facility and gateways at park entrances. General upgrades to the park will include significant plantings to augment the mature vegetation and adjacent valley lands, as well as arbors and seating areas.

Brodie & Associates scope includes the review of impacts to existing trees, review of root exploration, conceptual design, public consultation and renderings.