The INFORMED BLUEPRINT™ is the process that guides our services.

We incorporate the layering of approval requirements into the design of landscape spaces, with green standards, low impact development strategies, LEED requirements and biophilic design principles.  This layering results in efficient use of landscape spaces that contribute to the sustainability of the human, natural and built environments, resulting in the differentiation of developments for our clients.

Brodie & Associates actually do what most consultants just say they do.

The Project Profile

What:Project kick-off meeting
Benefits:Identification of goals, requirements, LID strategies & opportunities to address nature deficit
Distinction:Clarity on goals, scope, players & requirements

The Brodie Update

What:Customized scheduling and tracking system

Benefits:Ensures we have the resources to meet project needs through the duration of the project

Distinction:Planning, organization & tracking

The Informed Approach

What:Field assessment, arborist report, & review of background documents 
Benefits:Preliminary findings utilized to address potential challenges & inform the design process
 Documentation of changes, expectations, opportunities & challenges
 Incorporation of LID & green strategies early in the process to ensure project success
Distinction:Informed, coordinated approach to development and approvals

Insightful Design

What:Design & budgeting based on findings from The Informed Approach
 Submissions for planning applications, site plan approval, tree removal permits & building permits
Benefits:Comprehensive submissions receive approvals more quickly, saving time money and frustration.
Distinctions:Proactive action to coordinate submissions, providing complete documents for submissions, to reduce time lines required for submission review;
 Coordination with other disciplines to provide optimal solutions for storm water management and biophilic design;
 The firm’s reputation for excellence with reviewers in GTA municipalities shortens approval time lines

The Preferred Outcome

What:Milestone – approved documents
Benefits:The project is ready for construction / implementation
Distinction:Informed approach results in faster approvals, saving time, money and frustration

Ideas Become Reality

What:The construction & implementation phase.
 Tendering; contracts; field review; payment certification; contract administration; substantial completion
Benefits:Watch dog for quality construction & budget control
Well constructed landscapes are more cost effective and increase long term ROI and sustainability
Distinctions:Complete Construction Services for turnkey solutions
 Tracking & follow-up for timely release of Letters of Credit

The Completion Process

What:Construction completion
 Project close out documentation
Benefits:Release of Letters of Credit that free up client resources for future work
Distinctions:Certificate of Completion
Acceptance Certificate for Warranty Tracking

The Follow-Up Phase

What:End of warranty field review
Satisfaction assessment
Benefits:Timely release of the warranty component of Letters of Credit
 Project close-out
Distinctions:Final release of Letters of Credit Warranty Certificate for submission to the Municipality
 Warranty Acceptance Certificate to close out the warranty period

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